Walking Football World Cup 2021

The IWFF Walking Football World Cup 2021 will be hosted in the Olympic Stadium, Barcelona, Spain

“An amazing venue for the 2nd IWFF World Cup.”

Terry Rice


Referee Director – IWFF

Referee Director – IWFF


We are please to welcome and introduce Alan Rose to the above position.
Alan has a great passion for the sport and has a great deal of Refereeing, Safeguarding, Training and Development experience to help support and guide the IWFF through our dynamic times ahead.
Alan still referees in Football Association and is also a qualified FA Assessor/Observer, he has refereed Walking Football at a National and International level and is pleased to be an integral part of the the IWFF.
Alan and his colleague were instrumental in the very successful launch of the Walking Football Referees Association (WFRA) one of our key sponsors.
If you are interested in refereeing at IWFF events and feel you meet the expected criteria please contact Alan direct at: Referee.Director@theIWFF.com

To All Walking Footballers Around The Globe

To all walking footballers around the globe, I am Derrick Smith from South Africa, currently residing in the middle east in Qatar. Since its inception in South Africa, I was part of the founder members of the game (Walking Football Cape Town) which was introduced to me by Mr Ruudi Abrahams (Walking Football Director of Africa). I would like to give recognition to our founder Mr Terry Rice for appointing me as Director of Walking Football to the Middle East where its headquarters will be in Qatar, Doha. The headquarters shall be called Qatar Walking Football 4health.
Qatar as a country is investing a lot in its people and are continuously on a nationwide drive to promote sport, health and wellness. Qatar National Sports day is one of those initiatives that the country prides itself by to promote health and wellness. We are looking forward to grow the sport within Qatar and all its regions. Thereafter, will we go on a drive to promote the sport throughout the whole Middle Eastern Region.
The sport is mainly aimed males and females 50 years and 60 years and older as well as the disabled community. The initiative was endorsed by the South African ambassador HE Mr. Faizel Moosa. The initiative will promote social cohesion among the Qatar community and expats. The benefits of the initiative are to combat communicable diseases and disability challenges and therefore will improve quality of life, fitness and social interaction.
We are therefore looking forward to grow the sport which can become a way life among the elderly. We will collaborate and build strong relations with Government and the private sector to grow the sport from strength to strength.
Director of Walking Football (Middle East, Qatar)
Derrick Mphumzi Smith
Contacts: +97450853329
Email: Mphumzi.mip@gmail.com
“It always seems impossible until its done” – Nelson Mandela


New Director Of Walking Football China


It is with great pleasure that the IWFF welcomes Director of Walking Football for China Yan .

With the world’s most populous country, around 1.404 billion, their are a lot of potential walking footballers and teams for Yan to bring online and we wish her luck

Yan says, “It would be a great pleasure to assume this responsibility. thank you for your trust.

I organize football film festivals in China”.

Yan is associated with Beijing May FC


IWFF World Cup Festival of Walking Football Report



June 1st and 2nd 2019 are the dates that walking football history changed forever as countries from around the globe flew into a sunny London to take part in the IWFF World Cup Festival of Walking Football.


The dancing Argentines the singing Welsh the bouncing Australians with friends Yan from China , Dee Dee from Singapore joined other nations to become the IWFF global family as new friends were made for life .


La Marseillaise and Marcha Real echoed around the Leyton Orient ground
Never before have so many countries gathered in one venue to celebrate the IWFF Inaugural World Cup Of friendship.


Around the world people joined our live feeds to watch penalty shoot outs and talk with rival fans as 1,500 viewed the cup being lifted by the Welsh team.


The excitement has continued to bubble with discussions to host the Euros 2020 and World Cup 2021 along with new countries coming forward to register their interest in joining the fun.


The IWFF has brought together the global family of walking football and like any family we look forward to our next meet, our Facebook page is alive with global debate…


The future is bright the future is fun global festivals of walking football with the IWFF family ❤️




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