The DT38 Foundation has been set up in memory of Dylan James Tombides. Dylan was an Australian International and West Ham United professional football player who passed away aged 20 in April 2014 after a 3 year battle with testicular cancer. The West Ham Family thought so highly of Dylan that they retired his number 38 and made DT38 one of their principal charities.

The charity has been formed as a result of Dylan being misdiagnosed. Our vision is to change the way testicular cancer is diagnosed by implementing best practice diagnostic guidelines for patients who present with testicular symptoms.

We also aim to arm future generations of young men with the necessary knowledge about testicular cancer that will enable them to be confident when taking health matters into their own hands.

Our mission is to raise awareness and change the stigma associated with men’s health issues with a focus on testicular cancer. We aim to do this through providing educational programs and opportunities for the youth of our community, to help shape a generation of children who are self- aware about their health and wellbeing.

Our main goals are to:

  1. Drive the SELF-AWARENESS campaign for the early detection of testicular cancer
  2. Focus on youth EDUCATION through various teaching programmes aligned to national curriculum
  3. Provide OPPORTUNITIES linked to fun and accessible activities within the community

Testicular Cancer – The Facts

  • Testicular cancer affects younger men aged 15-49
  • It is the most common cancer in young men in the UK
  • It is the second most common cancer in young men in Australia
  • There were 2207 cases diagnosed in the UK in 2011 and 63 deaths
  • There were 732 cases diagnosed in Australia in 2011 and 25 deaths
  • The rate of men diagnosed with testicular cancer has grown 50% in the past 30 years and the reason is unknown
  • The survival rate is 98%

National testicular cancer screening test programmes do not exist in the UK or Australia and we believe this has to change. Awareness saves lives.

Please download our PDF document for more information:

DT38 Foundation


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