June 1st and 2nd 2019 are the dates that walking football history changed forever as countries from around the globe flew into a sunny London to take part in the IWFF World Championships Cup Festival of Walking Football.


The dancing Argentines the singing Welsh the bouncing Australians with friends Yan from China , Dee Dee from Singapore joined other nations to become the IWFF global family as new friends were made for life .


La Marseillaise and Marcha Real echoed around the Leyton Orient ground
Never before have so many countries gathered in one venue to celebrate the IWFF Inaugural World Championships Cup Of friendship.


Around the world people joined our live feeds to watch penalty shoot outs and talk with rival fans as 1,500 viewed the cup being lifted by the Welsh team.


The excitement has continued to bubble with discussions to host the Euros 2020 and World Championships Cup 2021 along with new countries coming forward to register their interest in joining the fun.


The IWFF has brought together the global family of walking football and like any family we look forward to our next meet, our Facebook page is alive with global debate…


The future is bright the future is fun global festivals of walking football with the IWFF family ❤️